Proper disposal,
Effective Utilization of Resources rate

In recent years, Protecting the global environmental is required. Our company pursue of recycling Automobiles for protect the future of the earth. So we hold up three of corporate visions, "Proper disposal", "Compliance" and "Effective Utilization of Resources", and each and every employee engages to contribute to society.

For protect the environment

We gained ISO 14001 certification in 2004. For protect the environment, we target for 100% recycling Gasoline, diesel fuel and other oils. Also, our employees clean the surrounding area of our company to contribute for local community.

JAB EMS Accreditation CM002

Picking up Disused cars

If you have unwanted cars or crashed cars, we will pick up soon. It doesn't matter which the type of cars.


1. Check of the disused cars & Picking up reusable parts

Reusable parts are removed by craftsman

When we receive disused cars, we picking up reusable parts and proceed to the recycling step.

2. Recover CFC gas and Airbags

Accurately and completely recover

After picked up reusable parts, we recover them. Mechanical airbags are analyzed and electronic these are worked.

3. Liquid extraction

Recycled by unique refueling system

Disused cars have about 20 liter waste liquid. Of course gasoline, they have other waste liquid like engine oil, Tran’s mission oil and so on. After extracted these, we storage at the underground tanks and we recycle them by our unique refueling system.

4. Take (Engine & exteriors)

High precisely taken by hands

We take engines, Tran’s mission, differentials and suspensions by hands. So we can prevent oil-outflow and implement high precision.

5. Scrapped by Nibbler & Press & Shipment

Check the loaf capacity by the truck scale

After taken by hands, cars are scrapped by nibbler and pressed and shipping.

6. Separate to the materials

Pursue to recycle

Wire Harnesses are shipping to metal refining trader.

Our Products

We have 10,000 parts stock in our warehouse. They passed strict quality check. Also, we have online network connected to 270 companies with all parts of Japan. We can check the network soon, so if we have no stock which you want, we can research it.

About us

Trade name Aratani syoukai Co., Ltd.
Founded February 1984
Established February 1984
CEO Wada Takami
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Business recovered parts and resource selling and from disused cars

Corporate History

February 1984
Established Aratani syoukai Ltd.
April 1990
Land acquisition at Goharacho, Kure-shi, Hiroshima and expansion of factories
October 1997
Acquihired MARUICH co. at Kurosecho Ichiida, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima and expansion of factories
September 1999
Participated to establish LEEA (Love Earth and Environment Association)
August 2004
Gained ISO 14001 certification
September 2010
Changed our corporation name to Aratani syoukai Co., Ltd.
March 2015
Established Sikoku Service Office